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New Nation:

  • None

New Triggers:

  • Switch trigger (Purple)-You can switch positions of one unit with another unit in another row or column that hasn't attacked yet. You cannot switch a unit with the vanguard.
  • power trigger ( red ) - You can add 10000 power to one of your unit
  • rage trigger ( orange ) this trigger only can be activated if you have a grade 3 or grade 4 vanguard , your vanguard must rest all of your standing rear guards,your vanguard gain 15000 power and 2 critical. a deck can only contain 2 rage trigger.
  • ultimate trigger ( black ) can only be activated if you have grade 3 or greater vanguard and 4 or least damage. rest all of your rear guard.put the top card to your deck to the damage zone until its become 5 card.remove 1 card from your damage zone at the end of your opponents next turn.a deck can only contain 1 ultimate trigger.your vanguard gain 25000 and 2 critical.gain another 5000 power if you have a grade 4 vanguard or if you perform a legion.
  • justice trigger ( yellow ) retire all of your rear guards and your opponent rear guards and discard all players hand activate this effect you must have 4 or move rear guards,3 or more hand card and 3 or more damage.if you dont have 3 or more rear guards, your vanguard power gain -5000 power.if you want to cancel all of this card effect, you must discard 1 card
  • Revive Trigger (Orange)-You can discard one unit from your hand to the graveyard to add one card of the same type to your hand.
  • Lock Trigger (Red and Black)-lock 1 of your opponent's rear guard and +5000 to your vanguard.(4 Lock Triggers for each "Link Joker Deck")
  • "Omega" Lock Trigger (Red and Black RIng)-lock 3 of your opponent's rear guards and can be unlocked after 3 turns. Also +5000 to your vanguard.(2 "Omega" Lock Triggers for each "Link Joker Deck")
  • "Deletor" Lock Trigger (Violet and Black) - lock one of your opponent's vanguard then +5000 power to your vanguard.(2 "Deletor" Lock Triggers for each "Link Joker Deck")

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